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Hello and welcome to faith feed.


My name is Frank Mickens. It's possible you recognize me from my profession reporting and anchoring the news in Mississippi, North Carolina and Indiana.


faith feed. is a project that sprung out of necessity. After working as a journalist for nearly 20 years, I found myself at a crossroads.


I knew God was calling me to take a risk: leave my job (and my paycheck) and believe He had something greater for me than I could imagine.


As I waited on God to prove Himself faithful, I begun to ask Him some very "tough" questions.


"Why am I here?" and "Where is God?" among them.


What you have found here is the result of that process of talking with God - asking Him questions and getting the answers.


I am a Christ follower, an ordained minister, husband, father, son and journalist. 

I created [faith feed.] to help people just like me or people with whom I might have nothing in common, except one thing. We all want to find God.

We highlight the period in [faith feed.] to highlight the finality of God's sovereignty. We agree to follow Him not matter what. His word is the final word. PERIOD.

This is home base for a ministry that aims to help you come closer to God by faithful surrender. We are here to help people find their purpose. Come here at your leisure to be gently challenged to become. This site and this ministry is supposed to feel comfortable. I'm on your level. And I hope that by communicating with you, life with God begins to take a new and more vibrant shape, feel and color.

I will post consistently to bring you into my prayer life with the goal of sharing with you what I'm asking and learning. 

Our hope is we will be easy to find. Please feel free to find us on Facebook (@faithfeednow), Twitter (@faithfeednow) and Instagram (@faithfeednow).

All of our videos are also posted on YouTube (faith feed.)

I will do my best to make myself available for questions, coaching, counseling, prayer and speaking requests. For inquiries email me at or fill out the contact form below.

Thank you for joining me as we seek Him together. My prayer is you will experience our mission:

Putting faith in action.

One step at a time.

In your service,




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